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Death Knights3 DPS Apply
Druids1 Healz, 3 Boomy, 1 Feral Apply
Hunters3 Apply
Mages3 Apply
Paladins1 Holy, 2 Ret Apply
Priests1 Healz, 2 DPS Apply
Rogues2 DPS Apply
Shaman2 Healz, 1rdps, 1mdps Apply
Warlocks3 Apply
Warriors4 DPS Apply
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<Immersion> is a Raiding guild. Not a guild that raids. We do not tolerate players who contribute nothing to the overall raiding environment.

We raid Tues-Thurs-Mon, 8pm-11pm Server. Everyone is expected to be online 20 minutes prior to raid times and ready to go.

Progression and recruiting can be found on either sides of the home page.  Even if we're not currently recruiting your class, feel free to apply as we are always looking for the best.

Raid spots are performance based, and will always be open for competition.

During raids, raiders should be expected to be treated like adults. This means that you are responsible for your mistakes, and will be expected to correct them.

Raiders are required to come to raids with at least basic knowledge of relevant raid encounters.

In general, raiders are expected to be at their keyboards during raid time. Excessive AFKing, slow wipe recovery, and not listening to assignments that hold up the raid are not acceptable.

Raid-wide "5 minute" AFKs will be allowed, but will be followed by an attendance check. This should provide ample time for bio breaks, grabbing a sandwich, or whatever needs to be done during raid time.

When "on sit" for raids and earning Credit for being online, raiders must be ready to step into the raid at moment's notice, and know what is required of them. Summons will be available. 

If raiders expect to receive items from the raid bank, they are expected to contribute.

Guild funds will always be used to support the raid.

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